What is Women in Computing?

Michigan State University Women in Computing (MSU WIC) is an organization of students and faculty (both men and women) who work to recruit, support, and retain women in computing fields. If you are interested in computing, we would love to see you at our next meeting! We host many events during the semester, including tech talks from visiting companies, Lean In Circles, Girl Scout workshops, web development workshops, social events, and more.

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WIC's general meetings and Lean In Circles take place nearly every Tuesday from 6pm-7pm in 2243 Engineering Building. Whether you are a freshman or senior, we would love to see you at our meetings. WIC also hosts a number of social events every semester, so watch out for special announcements regarding those events!


WIC members participate in a number of outreach programs, such as after school STEM clubs at local high schools and technology workshops. WIC members also participate in outreach initiatives hosted by MSU's College of Engineering. We hope that these outreach activities have impacted our local community by increasing interest in computing among girls and also increasing their confidence in their ability to learn. If you would like to get involved in any of WIC's outreach programs, please contact wic-outreach@cse.msu.edu.

Women in Computing E-Board


If you'd like to reach out to us for any reason, you can email our president, vice president, treasurer, outreach chair, or corporate relations chair. To reach WIC's advisors, send an email to msuwic@cse.msu.edu.

Lauren Allswede


Sarah Fillwock

Vice President

Nayana Kodur


Erin O'Hara


Harshita Das

Outreach Chair

Camille Emig

Corporate Relations

Savanna Pinkoski


Meenu Sundararaju

Lean In Chair

Sasha Morford

Social Chair

Sarah Johanknecht

Outreach Coordinator

Upcoming Events

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WIC Extra Mile Leadership Award

The WIC Extra Mile Leadership Award is given each year to a member of the WIC Executive Board whose outstanding leadership in the last year has contributed towards improving the club. The WIC President and WIC Vice President nominate an awardee, who must be approved by the WIC Advisors. The WIC President, WIC Vice President, previous EMLA recipients, and students who could graduate in the current academic year are ineligible. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding leaders and encourage them to run for other leadership positions in the coming years.

2010 - Meghan McNeil

2011 - Cassi Miller and Kathryn Bonnen

2012 - Mairin Chesney

2013 - Chelsea Carr and Kaitlin Davis

2014 - Ashlee Deline

2015 - Neha Gupta

2016 - Courtney Irwin

2017 - Lauren Allswede

Corporate Sponsors

Become a Sponsor

Interested in giving tech talks, marketing your company, or helping students attend conferences? Consider becoming a corporate sponsor of WIC! For more information about sponsorship, contact wic-treasurer@cse.msu.edu.

Michigan State University Women in Computing 2017-2018 Annual Report

Michigan State University Women in Computing (MSU WIC) offers many ways for its members to connect with each other and the community. This past year, WIC members attended conferences, supported each other in Lean In circles and participated in outreach programs! As president, I enjoyed participating and witnessing WIC evolve and grow to offer new opportunities to both current members as well as to young girls in the community. This annual report highlights some of the opportunities WIC participated in to increase membership and engage current members.

MSU WIC is a community of women and men who are passionate not only about technology and computer science, but also about increasing the number of women and other underrepresented groups in technology. To foster and grow our community this year, we emphasized recruiting and retaining first-and second-year students. Senior WIC members purposely engaged junior members at WIC meetings and organized a meeting in which they advised junior members about courses. We believe that establishing a strong support network early in a student’s college career aids the student in successfully completing her chosen degree program.

This academic year, MSU WIC members attended the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC). Thanks to the financial support from industry partners and from the University, 27 MSU WIC members attended GHC in Orlando, Florida. At GHC, MSU WIC members had the opportunity to network with other women in computer science, attend tech talks on diverse topics within computer science, and hear keynote speeches from inspirational women such as Melinda Gates and Dr. Ayanna Howard.

In addition to supporting women and underrepresented groups interested in computing at the college level, many MSU WIC members also participated in K-12 outreach programs. This year, MSU WIC created the Spartan Girls Who Code Club, which is now home to over 40 students, 17 mentors and 2 Michigan State University faculty members who serve as advisors. The students are from middle and high schools in the surrounding areas, which is broken down into a junior club for students in grades 6-7 and a senior club for students in grades 8-11. The goal of the club is to expose students to the foundations of programming and critical problem solving with the ultimate goal of not only encouraging more females in STEM related fields, but also providing them with an empowering community of women technologists. Not only were younger students exposed to computing topics and a supportive environment, but MSU WIC members learned how to convey computer science topics in a comprehensible manner by planning and executing lessons and activities. Many MSU WIC members also served as volunteers for recruiting and outreach events hosted by the University.

MSU WIC partnered with the following technology leaders in offering these opportunities to students:

Gold: GM | Vertafore | ASMSU

Silver: Target | Crowe Horwath | Dow Corning

Bronze: Blue Medora

On behalf of MSU WIC, I would like to express our gratitude to all of our industry partners, the Computer Science and Engineering Department, and the College of Engineering for their continued support this year. There are not enough words to express how much their support impacts and improves all of the programs and opportunities that MSU WIC offers its members. I would also like to thank our alumni for helping WIC become what it is today. For our current and future members, I hope WIC continues to be as significant to you as it was to me during my four years of college: a source of friendship, support, and countless memories.


Lauren Allswede

2017-2018 MSU WIC President

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